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Delivering Wisdom from the Wandering Stars
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Anya Guadamuz (they/them) began their cosmic journey in the early days of the pandemic. Anya stumbled upon the Hellenistic tradition through videos and tweets promoting the work of astrologers such as Chris Brennan and Blaze Hiigli. Captivated by this divination system, Anya dove head-first into the rich history of a forgotten tradition. Compelling interpretations of planetary transits that eerily lined up with personal life events became the spark that would completely change their outlook on life.

What Anya thought was a temporary hyper-fixation, quickly became the muse of their college thesis and eventually, a prioritized focus of their daily life. In 2021, Anya Guadamuz was awarded the Emeritus Society's Arts and Humanities Research Grant at Washington State University to aid the process of scholarly research towards their thesis for the Honors College. Anya sought to bridge the gap between astrological and musical disciplines, a line of study that had been phased out of academia for centuries. Anya argued that these ancient divinatory systems had relevance in the modern day, and continued to explore that stance through a musical lens. They explored the intersection that exists between astrology and music and how we can use the language of astrology to deepen our understanding of music.


Since graduating from university with their degree in Vocal Performance, Anya Guadamuz has worked full time as a music & theater educator/director, and until recently- a part-time consulting astrologer. They enjoy the grounding practice of fortune telling from publishing daily horoscopes to holding intimate healing spaces during 1:1 consultations. Additionally, Anya Guadamuz has received a certificate of completion from Chris Brennan's course on Electional astrology, and regularly attends The Northwest Astrological Conference.


Since December 2022, Anya Guadamuz has branded their astrological service operations under the name "Sapphic Saturnus" as a nod to the ruler of their ascendant and because they can't resist gay alliteration. It is paramount to Anya, that their consultations provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, without judgement of but holding respect of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and physical/mental abilities. Individuals seeking divinatory guidance are encouraged to confidently reach out to Anya Guadamuz for a comprehensive and personalized consultation

Notable Astrologers who have influenced Anya's studies:

  • Chris Brennan

  • Demetra George

  • Blaze Hiigli

  • Kelly Surtees

  • Alice Sparkly Cat

  • Austin Coppock

  • Christy Johnson

  • Rhetorius of Egypt

  • Antiochus of Athens

  • Claudius Ptolemy

  • Dorotheus of Sidon

  • Vettius Valens

  • Abu Ma'shar

My Approach

     I define astrology as a divination system that interprets visible cosmic data in a metaphysical way. Astrology is the living, breathing interpretation of time! As Chris Brennan puts it, "the birth chart is a promise to unfold." Astrology gives us the tools to unfold every corner of fate. 


      I align my practice and all its technical foundations as close to the ancient word as possible. This means I pull from sources dating back hundreds if not thousands of years before the rise of what we now consider "pop astrology." The work of ancient astrologers such as Vettius Valens, Dorotheus of Sidon, and Claudius Ptolemy (to name a few) greatly influence my work and I draw heavily from their interpretations. I believe it is important to know the roots of any practice before committing yourself to becoming part of an intellectual lineage. Anything I interpret must have a solid rationale, and if it doesn't I refuse to incorporate it in my practice! My clients have every right to know why and how I arrive to my conclusions. 

     I primarily use the whole sign house system, recognize the 7 visible planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), and the traditional aspect ratios (Sextile, Trine, Square, and Opposition) when delineating charts for clients.  Timing techniques such as zodiacal releasing, time lords, profection years, solar & lunar returns, and the use of hermetic lots find themselves at the core of my predictive work. I consider myself an active student of astrology and I always strive to teach myself new things to make my work as an astrologer that much better. 


     The purpose of each consultation, no matter the service, is to: educate, empower, and affirm. Clients can expect transformative sessions that give them the intellectual tools to affirm their lived experiences and make empowered choices for the future. I consistently remind my clients to consider that events depicted in the birth chart are intended to manifest in a myriad of interconnected ways. After all, Astrology cannot function logically unless it can give us insight to the broad and nuanced strokes of life. Clients can trust in my commitment to deliver authentic interpretations backed by a long-standing and continuous education in the field. If you are prepared to delve into your destiny,  I hope you will choose me to craft the bridge that gets you there. 

 Celestially at your service,


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