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    "The fact that astrology nevertheless yields valid results proves that it is not the apparent positions of the stars which work, but rather the times which are measured or determined by arbitrarily named stellar positions. Time thus proves to be a stream of energy filled with qualities and not, as our philosophy would have it, an abstract concept or precondition of knowledge."

    - Carl Jung

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    The most popular option among clients, a natal consultation focuses on the unique elements of a person's birth chart. The birth chart is the cosmic thumbprint based on the exact date, time, and location of a birth. The client should leave this consultation with a heightened knowledge of astrology & how their chart weaves into the larger cosmic puzzle that connects us all.

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    Dive into this global branch of astrology and discover where in the world you are meant to be! What places should you avoid? What places should you book your next flight to?

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    Debating on sending a risky text? Want to make sure your job application gets reviewed by the right hiring manager? Want to know the worst or best times to hold the wedding of your dreams?

    Regain control and choose a fortunate time to initiate events with this service. 

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    Year-Ahead Forecast

    Learn what the next year has in store for you! Using timing techniques such as profection years, zodiacal releasing, and solar return charts, you will leave the consultation with a toolbox of knowledge to help guide you through the seasons. 

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    This consultation is a reading between the astrologer and 2 clients. Both clients present their birth charts and the astrologer will compare them to highlight unifying traits and points of disagreement. Strengths and weaknesses of each chart will be neutrally evaluated to produce a fair assessment of a pair's relationship. 

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    This consultation is ideal for any novice or amateur astrologer who would like targeted lessons on a wide range of astrological topics. Keep in mind that the lessons taught do not cover topics within modern astrological practices nor Vedic astrology. **This is free of cost to any motivated student!**

    yearly Transit Reading

    Book a consultation today!

    Please contact Anya directly to inquire about payment. 


    Instagram: @anyaguadamuz

    What does a consultation entail?

    At the start of a consultation the astrologer will confirm the details given in the intake form and proceed to guiding the client through an overview of what will be included in the timed service. Depending on the service, the astrologer will then explain any techniques, as they go, used to arrive at their conclusions. You'll find there is a good balance of astrologer-led and client-led inquiry. Anya encourages any and all questions! It is also totally fine to be reserved when taking in loads of new information, Astrology is truly for everyone. 


    Think of a consultation like meeting with a mentor or teacher;  a space dedicated to the translation of unknown things, to understand things deeper. Skeptics are most welcome and no question goes unanswered! Every consultation also comes with a complimentary pdf report.


    The day before the consultation, a reminder text or email will be sent to the client. 

    Want a type of consultation you do not see listed? 

    If you wish to schedule a service that is not listed above, please email or dm @anyaguadamuz on instragram to inquire if your request may be accommodated.


    1. By submitting the intake form you agree to be 18 years or older at the start of the consultation. The only consultation available for those under 18 are the astrological tutoring sessions.

    2. No promises or guarantees of any kind are made.

    3. Astrological services are never meant to be a replacement for medical or legal services/advice.

    4.  Anya Guadamuz holds no liability for decisions made based on information shared during consultations or horoscope postings. 

    5. ALL information shared with Anya Guadamuz will remain confidential and do not leave the consultation space. 

    For further inquiries, please email:

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    • Instagram

    Please allow 3 business days for a response to your request. An email or text will be sent to you to confirm the details of the consultation and to set up a day to meet. If you do not receive an email in that time frame, please check your spam folder. 

    By clicking "Send" you agree to the terms of service listed.

    Thanks for submitting!

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