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ARIES - March 2024 Forecast

Preferably read for your rising sign <3 if you don’t know how to find your rising sign click here: 

TLDR; an introverted start all leading to a big finish. make March your bitch, Aries !!

The New Moon in Pisces perfects on March 9th, ushering in new beginnings in your 12th House. The 12th house often deals with topics such as afflictions to the spirit, and governs solitary places or practices. This New Moon occurs near Saturn, which will inevitably bring heaviness, melancholy, and a sense of loss to these new beginnings. Ruled by Jupiter in Taurus and configured to him via sextile, this new moon occurs in good hands. There is a sense of optimism and support through the events that cause us to let go or lose things. Lean into your private routines and see the good that can come out of carving out your daily alone time!

Mercury enters Aries on March 10th, bringing fiery conversation and innovation to your 1st House. The 1st house deals with allll topics you! Your body, your spirit, your character.  Mercury often brings announcements, transactions, information, and general chattiness when they ingress into a sign. In the sign of Aries, we can expect these exchanges to be overt, loud, combustible, and sudden - with an appreciation of being “the first” to do or say anything. Mercury will conjoin the north node on March 18th, bringing even more attention to the topics of the 1st House- especially if you have cardinal placements around 15 degrees. Looks like it’s you who’s being the loudest in the room! Things are getting noisy, declamatory, and challenged by physical or emotional needs (aspect from Moon transiting Cancer around that time). A warning: Mercury plans to station direct on April 1st (a literal cosmic joke), SO: be wary of preparing travel itineraries, buying expensive things, or making definite plans between March 19th - April 24th. If you’re able to wait, WAIT! :)

Venus enters Pisces on March 11th. This transit is uplifted by its condition, but afflicted by Saturn’s presence in the sign. Venus exalts in the sign of Pisces, meaning she is able to do Venus-y things with not only ease but honor when she inhabits the sign. The shameful aspect of it all is her application to Saturn during the first part of her journey through Pisces. Saturn is there to constrict, decay, and slow down Venus-y things. Think friendships, marriages, and unions becoming afflicted by Saturn. Saturn is going to afflict Venus by slowing her down, raising concerns of fear in love, and generally blurring lines between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in friendly affairs. This is all happening in your 12th House. Later in the month we’ll get a conjunction of the two planets on March 21st. Interestingly enough, the conjunction happens near the degrees of the earlier Pisces New Moon. Notice the storylines that are relevant to March 9th and March 21st respectively- specifically, notice what might be causing or encouraging you to retreat from the public eye for a bit. 

A sweet day amidst the emotional drama that is March is the 13th. The Moon will enter her exaltation and conjoin Jupiter in the sign of Taurus. After the harsh aspect that Jupiter and Mars shared towards the end of February, we can expect this lunar transit to ease tensions in your 2nd House (your money, physical possessions etc). A reminder of the stability that permeates topics of that house will be something to be grateful for around this time. Perhaps a sweet treat is on its way to you!

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th. This marks the start of the astrological new year with the inception of Spring! The Sun is said to exalt in Aries because he is supported by the fiery nature of this Mars-ruled sign and simultaneously to gain light rapidly. The Moon inhabits Leo, the Sun’s home, on the day of the ingress, making for a very loud & bright start to the astrological new year. With no planets (yet) in retrograde motion, it’s a fresh start in many ways. Use Aries season as a time to be seen publicly, to shine brightly in every aspect. Aries season encourages last-minute adventures, acting urgently, and setting your ambitions high. For you, this is occurring in your 1st House, symbolizing renaissance of sorts for your general being!

In the early hours of March 25th, we get a glimpse into the new chain of events propagated by each years’ eclipse cycles. This time around, we’re dealing with the Libra/Aries axis experiencing a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are meant to slowly pivot us in new directions by revealing extremes of the human condition. Happening to you in your 1st/7th houses, expect this eclipse to really shake things up between you and others. Don’t be surprised if you end up being a catalyst for change in the events that follow this eclipse!

The last transit we have to keep an eye on, is the Mars ingress in Pisces on the 22nd. Mars in Aquarius gave us stubborn debate and rigidity in action. Mars in Pisces trades intellectual challenges for emotional, intuitive-based ones. Additionally, Mars is now under the influence of Jupiter as opposed to Saturn, causing a gradual acceleration to our day-to-day tests. Because of the elemental nature of Pisces, expect trouble at sea, disruption in waterways, and general challenges involving moving water to make headlines across the world. Happening for you in your 12th house, it seems we are becoming more headstrong about fighting those invisible battles. Stay strong and ride this storm out, Aries!

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