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CANCER - January 2024 Forecast

Preferably read for your rising sign <3 if you don’t know how to find your rising sign click here: 

TLDR; you need to remind some people who tf they think they're talking to!!!!!

High fortune days (astrologically better-than-average days imo): Jan 8 (Moon/Venus conjunction) and Jan 18 (Moon/Jupiter conjunction).

We start the new calendar year off on a clean slate, with Mercury being the last visible planet to station direct. Mercury (significator of: speech, travel, finances, children, students) begins to move again with forward progress, cleaning up the details of our lives that have been slowly undoing themselves since December 12th. Mercury has been moving backwards in your 6th & 7th houses, re-evaluating/reviewing/reorganizing matters relevant to your physical health, pets, and partners since December 12th. Additionally, Mars has been in close contact with Mercury during the latter half of the retrograde, likely adding moments of aggravation & undesired intensity to matters already going awry. Things are moving forward & getting better than before, it just might take the whole month for you to realize it! 

Mars enters Capricorn on January 4th, increasing overall strength in the battles we face every day. Mars gains dignity in the sign of Capricorn, and by extension, so do Mars-ruled people, places, and things. As a Cancer rising, you can expect a surge of energy, devotion, and precision coming from others in your life. If you have a long-term romantic or business partner, expect some challenge to come between the two of you during this 6-week transit. Mars enjoys being the disrupter of things, so expect harsh confrontations to find you (though with Mars' dignity in Capricorn, its likely these confrontations will turn out to be more productive than not). Expect additional support stemming from the topics of your 11th house (friends groups, social networks) to help you attract more desired outcomes during these harsher times.

The Sun and Moon join each other on January 11th, ringing in the start of the first lunar cycle of 2024. Otherwise referred to as the “Capricorn New Moon,” this fresh start reflects a heightened priority of the long-term and the short-term decisions we can make to attract the future we want. Happening for you in the 7th house, new beginnings are afoot regarding your spouse, business partners, mentor, or close friends in your life.

We welcome the Aquarius solar season on the 20th of January, shifting focus from matters of the 1st house to matters of the 2nd house. Like Capricorn, this solar season remains under the influence of Saturn, though everyone is a bit louder about the growing sense of melancholy and rejection. For Cancer risings however, borrowed finances & shared resources gain priority during this season.

A day after we shift the collective focus on Aquarius, Mercury leaves their post-shadow phase and begins to travel through unexplored Capricorn territory. In layman’s terms, by January 21st, we will have revisited everything that needed to be revisited since the Mercury retrograde of  December 12th. Stagnancy is out, moving forward is in! Expect conversations and transactions with others to go smoother from this point forward.

As if we weren’t done with the Capricorn side of things, Venus decides to join the party on January 23rd. Similar to Mars, Venus gains (some) dignity in the sign of Capricorn. She is not formally exalted in the sign like Mars is, but she does behave more preferably in earthy, nocturnal signs. Especially after her run-ins with Saturn at the beginning of the month, events under her influence begin to cool down and gain a sense of discernment. 

Since Venus is the natural significator of relationships, friendship, mothers, sisters, marriages- it is likely to see or experience a certain “return to logic” where relationships with others are concerned. In short, Venus in Capricorn is family heirlooms, unearthed wedding rings, preserved makeup, the lawful maintenance of cave paintings. Beautiful things that stand in need of duty, obligation, commitment, and/or practicality are noteworthy descriptors of this Venus season.

Pay attention to the things that add sweetness in places where it’s easy to forget there is any. The harshness or difficulty manifesting in your 7th house will be thankful for the introduction of Venus at its events.

January 25th brings us the Aquarius/Leo full moon, the first one of 2024! A completion, culmination, release, and (maybe) a party is happening in your 8th & 2nd houses. A cycle has completed in terms of the money & physical resources at your disposal. This would be a good time to file for that tax return and get up to date with any money matters that need resolving. 

Mercury catches up to Mars in the sky and conjoins him in the sign of Capricorn on January 26th. Mars and Mercury have been tailing each other closely for some time now in the sky, reflecting aggression and aggravation to the topics associated with Mercury (see above). With this meeting happening under Saturn’s influence in Capricorn, it’s wise to expect some not-so-cute confrontations with others- especially circumstances where you’re in a position to defend yourself or others. Conversations are likely to contain language that is harsh and cold, though at times these interactions may prove to be more constructive in the long term.

Things cool off towards the end of the month as Mercury gains speed and bypasses Mars. January certainly leaves the world on an awkward and vaguely bitter note going into February.

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